UTS Van Egeraat

UTS van Egeraat Verhuizigen is an age-old relocation company founded in Bergen op Zoom in 1783! In the following years UTS Van Egeraat Verhuizingen developed into a professional relocation company with multiple services, in which quality is of main importance.

With establishments in Bergen op Zoom, Roosendaal and Etten-Leur, UTS Van Egeraat Verhuizingen is the relocation specialist of West-Brabant.

0164 - 21 20 00 Blankenweg 11, Bergen op Zoom


UTS Van Egeraat Verhuiziningen is a company with an elaborate historical background. Extensive investigation into the archives of the local authorities of Bergen op Zoom prove that the foundation of the relocation company originates from December 1783! The enterprise Van Egeraat Verhuizingen has grown to be an energetic relocation company with a broad service package. UTS Van Egeraat Verhuizingen was added to the Meeus Group as a new operating company around the middle of 2006. The Meeus Group is a big logistic service providing organization with diverse operating companies which are active in their own specialty within the logistics. Our relocation company has establishments in Bergen op Zoom, Roosendaal and Etten-Leur. A lot of our customers are from these locations, but an international relocation is obviously also not a problem. Besides the private and project relocations we are specialized in relocations in the care sector & education and we have the disposal of a modern furniture and archive storage accommodation.


To guarantee this we are continuously occupied with the education and development of our employees. UTS Van Egeraat Verhuizingen has 14 employees with different specialties: 8 of them have a furniture mover/project mover certificate at their disposal, there are 5 move assistants, 2 handy men, 2 front men, 2 project leaders, 2 specialized art movers and 2 company first responders. UTS van Egeraat Verhuizingen combines the advantages of a medium sized relocation company with those of a big national organization – UTS Nederland. In this way we can always fall back on the extra capacity and/or specific knowledge if necessary. Quality, flexibility and the unburdening of our customers are our main assumptions.