UTS Bernardt Eindhoven

UTS Bernardt Eindhoven leads in the field of relocations, facility services, dedicated logistics and archive management in the region of Eindhoven. From the start our organisation chooses for service, quality and flexibility to distinguish ourselves.

046 - 436 31 30 Flight Forum 3514, Eindhoven

Download de Verhuis App

Easy way to request a relocation quotation? This is possible with the Verhuis App of UTS Bernardt. Our Verhuis App is available for both IOS and Android and you can use it on your table or phone.

How does the Verhuis App work?

1. Start with your basic information. Here you tell us between which locations you are planning to relocate. 2. Then you can easily create areas to place photos from different angles, providing a clear overview of the furniture that has to be moved. 3. Select our optional relocation services and send your quotation request.

Pien! relocation guidance

Pien! provides you with pleasant and fast relocation guidance. For elderly and their children, for people with a handicap or for surviving dependants.

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