Logistic Services

We combine storage, organisation and logistics for all the temporary and permanent solutions you wish for. Due to our nationwide coverage, a storage depot will be nearby at all times, enabling you to make use of the following storage concepts: furniture storage, business inventory, records storage, bulk storage, art & antiques, pallet storage and stock management system.

Flexibility and efficiency for every logistic challenge

Would you like flexibility and efficiency in your logistic challenges with minimal handling-, transport and labor costs? The logistic solutions of UTS accept the challenge.
We offer logistic solutions from the strategically chosen locations of the UTS-network. The locations within the UTS-network have been selected in such a way that we are able to offer intermodal transport: complete logistics across the road, the railway, through the sea and through the sky.


Container Logistics

For your storage in (conditioned) containers you can make use of our container storage centers, which are equipped with an advanced container storage system. Our conditioned depots are protected against fire and burglary.


Smart Logistics

UTS offers logistic solutions for inner urban processes making them considerably more efficient, cheaper and sustainable. Inner urban processes impose a lot of pressure on organizations and their surroundings. UTS ends this with a fine piece of sustained mobility.


Tire Logistics

The demand for winter tires has increased over the last couple of years. An increasing number of car owners choose for safety and make use of winter tires during the winter. Where do you store your currently unused tires? You can make use of our cost efficient space for the storage of your sets of winter and summer tires.


Calamity Logistics

Do you want to be able to respond to a calamity in an adequate manner? Do you have fire, water or storm damage? We offer 24/7 logistic solutions for calamities. We take care of the logistics concerning the first emergency support and the storage of furniture and/or inventories containing damage.